New PopCast vlog all about snap tricks!

Hey y’all, new episode is online now

(Is it possible to embed videos here?)

The video auto-embeds if you post the link on a line by itself. :sparkles: MAGIC :sparkles:

Love SNAP tricks! :blush:

He’s Prolly trying to make some $$$ on Snap Tricks, maybe he should start a Kickstarter for Snap Tricks

I don’t understand your joke here.

@DocPop Just wanted to say that in a world of many very good trick tutorials, I very much appreciate the unique approach of focusing on elements that can be used creatively in one’s yoyoing.


Wow, thanks! I’m glad you are enjoying them and I’m glad that focusing on concepts (rather than tricks) is enjoyable for you too. Any requests for future episodes?


@DocPop Alright, I’ve taken some time to respond, having given your offer to consider topics for future episodes. However, I’m still at a loss to make a suggestion.

I’m mostly self taught, began yoyoing long before the internet was born, and still happily live very much unplugged. Therefore, when plugged in, I often watch yoyo videos for ideas and have seen many things, such as the three trapeze variations in one of your vlogs. However, the snap trick was totally new to me. I can spot it being done in occasional videos now, but never would have without your snap trick vlog.

So I guess my request is to just keep putting ideas out there. Ideas and challenges are always great to throw out there and with an open mind can be really beneficial.

Thanks, looking forward to the next vlog!


Thanks so much for the thoughtful response! I’ll try to keep the concepts coming.

I’m so glad I read your response @skitrz! I thought snap tricks meant snap start tricks so I hadn’t watched. My snap start isn’t strong enough to do anything but wind up my yoyo lol. @DocPop thanks so much for that video. I’ll be learning that. :slight_smile:


Hey, just a quick request, I’d love to see your snap tricks too! If you share some, tag them #popcastyoyo on IG or wherever.