Magic Drop for Dummies !


So Magic drop is one of those tricks, you either get straight away, or not at all.
So with so many people utterly failing, and others landing with ease, there is probably an aspect people are neglecting to teach.

So here are two videos in which I explain the method which finally allowed me to nail Magic drop.

Seriously guys, good luck and I hope you finally get it. ;D - Old Version, no commentary - New Version, Hands on teaching.


The way you hold your hand doesn’t matter…


thanks for the video

this is one of the tricks… that looks very simple
but… i just couldnt get it

until a month later, i suddenlty get it

the way the string reject and fall on your hand
that feeling, is priceless


nice vid and good demonstration. keep them coming !


I learned Magic Drop in less then 1 day with this video. :slight_smile:


When I tried to learn it I did it first and second try, then I got inconsistent. Now I can do it 8/10 times, shockwave is still weird though.,


thank you dude, appreciation, very very very much so, im happy some one acknowledged my issues and others issues and addressed it, yet again Thankz