How surprised were you...


How surprised were you to find out how far yo-yoing has evolved since basic loops? I guess this question is dedicated to those throwers who grew up with Duncans and Yomegas who came back to yo-yoing to discover what unresponsive play was.

(Raphael) #2

i learnt a bunch of tricks (basics) on a differant website, and I learnt them and the hardest trick was buddahs revenge. i thought i was really good, so I put it down, because with a fast 201 you do babys cradle and it runs out of spin time. I picked it back up, and tried to do buddahs revenge again, and I looked it back up on the internet, and facepalm’d my self because I was oblivious to the fact that a fast 201 isn’t a high-end yoyo, and that buddahs revenge wasn’t very impressive (for the ammount of time I put into yoyoing) I thought if you could do double or nothing, you could could get sponesred. I was wrong, I was pretty surprised to find these pro’s and youtube videos on this.