Instant ability to execute 3 intermediate tricks!

Wow! My friend lent me his ‘FAST 201’ for a day and once I used it, I could instantly do man on the trapeze, double or nothing and split the atom. The yoyo felt smoother and the spin felt longer than my previous China-made yoyo (a cheap one I bought). Yo-yos does affect your play to a certain extend! :wink:

wow that’s great. but yoyo’s only influence the skill of YOU. remember that yoyo doen’t do the tricks.You do i hope you learn more tricks soon and advance in your yoyo journey.


Hey good job on the instant tricks. Hopefully you can get your hands on one of the spiffy yoyos and do some amazing things. Some yoyos would help make tricks a lot easier depending if they have ball bearings compared to a fix or trans axle. Also if the yoyo has a larger gap it would be easier to land a yoyo trick. If the string is different the response is different it’ll open what type of string tricks you can do. It’s awesome when you get to set up to the next levels of yoyos. It was a massive leap for me when I was use to Duncan butterflys to using a Duncan mosquito. It seemed it was no longer a yoyo but a dream maker.

Cool, first person I ever met that liked the fast201 yoyo. LOL :smiley:

It can do wonders in the right hands.

yes i agree every player has those special yoyo’s that he’s good at even though everybody else dislikes it

Well there are some great FAST 201 vids out there.

Yeah i’m just saying that I don’t like it, it doesn’t meet my preferences.

i used a butterfly to about plastic whip