Good Intermediate Yo-yo?

I’m relatively new to yoyoing, more specifically to string tricks. I bought a F.A.S.T 201 from yoyofactory and have been playing with it, but i have some problems with it that I’m looking to solve with my next yoyo purchase. I’m not sure how much of my problems have to do with my inexperience or with the yoyo, but either way i’m looking to upgrade. The problems with the fast 201 are that it’s too small, its hard to land the yoyo in the string and the response system is crap. When i loosen the yoyo for more unresponsive play, it becomes nearly impossible to return the yoyo to my hand, even with a solid bind. Is there any advice anyone could give me on how to better use the fast 201? And also I’ve been looking a lot at the DM 2 and I really like the way it sounds. Wider yoyo with longer sleep times and an alltogether better response system, can anyone verify this for me and/or recommend a yoyo for someone of intermediate skill level?

hi there, i know that by now you’ve probably already bought your yoyo, but if you haven’t, here’s my opinion.

i’m in the same position as you were/maybe still are, and i’m looking at both the DM2, and the dv888. right now i’m leaning towards the dv 888 because i can get my current yoyo (a yomega dash) to sleep longer on the responsive times than i’ve hear that the DM2 can, so i’m leaning towards the all-un-responsive option.

maybe you could help me (that is, if you’ve bought the DM2)!

how did you like the DM2, and what are it’s sleep times?

thanks :).

Well if you are saying that you can do the intermediate tricks with the fast 201, then i think for advanced tricks you should get a new yoyo. I started with a kickside from yoyo jam, and i am learning kwijibo with it, but it might have been easier to get a new yoyo right when i hit advanced. So I am trying to get a new yoyo also :D. The thing is I am thinking about dv888, raptor from duncan, or the DM ll. I think I will get the raptor, so if i do we could all compare our yoyos, we could see which one is the best. Back to what I was saying before, if you could get the intermediate tricks down with the fast 201 yoyo, I think after you can do them you should get a new yoyo. Also if it can’t be at the point where it is unresponsive and you can still do a bind, I recommend just tightening the gap and doing a gravity pull to get it up until you get your new yoyo, this is just a easy as a bind, and if your just practicing and not showing off no one will see it.

If you can really bind, why don’t you try a fullmetal yoyo like Raptor it is good fullsize yoyo, cheap and wider than fast 201, or buy a plastic protostar, it plays as good as metal yoyo