Need some help/input on next purchase

OK, I need some help and input. I’ve only recently gotten into yoyoing - maybe a few months or so ago. My first yoyo was a Duncan Mosquito which I actually really like. (like you first car even though it may be a hunk of junk) I learned most of the basic tricks on it but when I started needing longer spin times, I ended up buying a Lyn Fury, which I like but still has some draw backs because of my skill level. 99% of the time, it’s unresponsive which is also ok because I’m learning to bind with it. But I can only bind doing a brain twister mount. I cant get the trapeze mount to save my life. I don’t mind the brain twister bind but it just feels awkward. So I’m looking for something that might be a little more forgiving on learning the trapeze with.

My thoughts were the Velocity because of the adjustable response system or the DMII because it seems like a good solid yoyo to learn on. So if anyone can give me some advice in this matter, I’m all ears. Or if you know of a different yoyo thats good for learning on, let me know.

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Hey don’t sweat it it will all come with practice! As to the question of wich yoyo you might step up to the DMII is a solid choice. My nephew has been throwing about a year or so and learned everything in his arsenal of tricks on the DMII. I’m no expert but I have also heard good things about the YYF one and whip. Those might be a good choice and a little more affordable than the DMII. Good Luck!

Really though, if he has a Lyn Fury, then getting a ONE is useless.

@OP: Are you having trouble landing the trapeze? Because just to be aware, it has nothing to do with the yoyo. Look in the tricks board for help.

And yes, DM2 is definately a great choice. Comes with a slim bearing for responsive play, or a speed bearing for unresponsive play. It can do up to anything, if you got the skill. A great durable progress yoyo.

i have the yyf velocity its a great throw for the price plus the response system is great if its to responsive you can widen the gap

Come on man, you’re not helping my cause :wink:
I’m having a hard time landing the trapeze. And in all honesty, I know its me, not the yoyo. But everytime I miss it, which is quite often, I need to stop and re-wind the yoyo. Throw, miss, rewind. I want something that will be semi-responsive so I don’t have to stop and reset everytime. That and I want another yoyo. ;D

Ah, I see, DM2. It has 2 bearings as mentioned. Or a Velocity works too, but it’s more of a beginner yoyo, more than aiming for Master levels. It might snag in long combos and when strings get bunched in there.

DM2 has momentum, great for any trick.

And if you are having trouble, you can go to the tricks board for help. :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to stop and reset every time, how is semi responsive or even responsive going to help?

The best way I have found to avoid this issue is just practice. I am new, still learning, still resetting and winding a lot. Goes with the territory. Got trapeze down, split the atom is being fine tune and Double Or Nothing was super easy for me, I just got that one right away. With split the atom, I need to get into the split bottom mount smoother and then when I flip the dismount around so I can bind and return. The middle: fine.

As far as recommendations, there’s lots of good stuff in a huge price range. I have a DM2, I really like it. For budget fun, the ONE rocks. I’m also getting a WHIP soon. But I’d say don’t go spending MORE than a DM2 at this point in time. Just find a budget you feel comfortable with and choose a wing-shaped design. While not exclusive to YoYoJam, many models come with a responsive bearing(often pre-installed) and a responsive bearing. The DM2 does this, and so does the ONE(if you buy the package with 2 bearings and NOT the DVD package). When you’re ready to go unresponsive, swap out the bearing and you’re good to go. Not a bad choice at all! But, as I said, many other yoyos include bearings, or bearings can be swapped out.

The strength is also the weakness: too many good items to choose from. Good to have choices, bad that there’s so many good choices.

Get a yyf whip. Best cheap yoyo on the market. I have lots of high end yoyos. Since I got the whip. I havnt touched any of them.

It helps to know some responsive play, but not necessary. If you can do a sleeper rockbaby and eifel tower with a resposive yoyo your ready to move on. If you can bind. WHIP.

Hey there,

I have the same feelings for my older yoyo’s.
Yotech Hyper Ring (Purple) being my first.

When I had trouble with the trapeze, I went Wide.
Duncan Flying Panda.
I ran it with one pad but still kept it a bit responsive.
But I found the extra catch zone really helped.

Also I learnt the non spinning way too.
I would swing the yoyo around and try to get it to hit the string, and then go again.
Saves the effort of throw and return. And helps you set your distance between hands.

There are some very nice wide yoyo’s out there.
And later on you can use it for off-string.


Go with the Velocity… Trust me, you wont be disappointed

First off, thanks for all the input. I greatly appriciate it. Over the weekend I was practicing just the motion of the trapeze and getting it to swing around my finger. Had no problems hitting the string. Yesterday I read a comment about sliding your finger on the string as the yoyo wraps around and starts to come up. That seemed to solve my biggest problem. I started landing about every other one. Now all I need to do is practice practice practice.

So that still leaves the question - which one next? I really think I NEED a DMII… 8)

Then get one.

Do you need a DMII? I can’t answer that.

Regardless, I think you still need to upgrade your yoyo, you’re to that point. I don’t think you need to spend more than what you’d spend on a DMII though and there’s still lots of good choices to consider.

I have a DMII. I like it a lot. Would I recommend the DMII? Yes, I would. I do not have a Velocity, nor do I intend to get one. This isn’t anything against the Velocity, it’s just not an item I currently have any interest in. Terms like “adjustable” and me would equate to constant tweaking with it. No, my time is better spent without that distraction. However, that’s just me.

Have fun deciding. This is a big decision, even if you’re going for something on the less expensive side of things.

Bring the string in front of the yoyo not behind when binding; feels better and works better. You should also try and pinch the string when bringing it into the gap of the yoyo.

What is a DMII

Dark magic 2.

Hey, If I were you I would get the PGM. It was My first “real” yoyo and a really nice one for the price. But I would first learn to do the trapeze bind. The PGM is really unresponsive! And when your done A Day’s work You can relax And do a pull start and see How long it can go!
Hope This Helped,
YYF lover