Trouble doing string tricks

Hi, I don’t know if this is the right section, or even the right forum to ask this, but I hope so since theres also lots of Yoyo-Tutorials on this site, so I thought It’d be best to ask in this forum.

I’m still a beginner in YoYoing and I am currently trying those Intermediate tricks that André is teaching.

Anyways, I lately bought a F.A.S.T. 201 for all those fancy string tricks like Split the atom I couldn’t do with my Sunset Trajectory, but when I try to do certain string tricks, especially the Mach 5, my string seems to be touching the yoyo, causing friction and that slows it down so I never got down a Mach 5 that lasted more than a few seconds. Or sometimes it just turns to the side after I do the split bottom mount. I have had this problem since I started string tricks, and I want to get rid of this, but I don’t know how. I have figured out a few possibilities but I have no clue which one is the right one:

  1. I am bad at yoyoing
  2. My yoyo is bad
  3. My string is too thick (In andré’s videos, his string always looks so small and thin)
  4. My yoyo-gap is too wide open (I tried widening the gap already, but it didn’t seem to help)

I hope the answer is not 2. because I am kind of out of money at the moment and I don’t have that yoyo that long, but I also heard the F.A.S.T. 201 was a bad yoyo, while some said its a great yoyo.

If it is number 1, I have no clue what to change about my playing so that the string doesn’t touch my yoyo anymore.

I personally think that the fast 201 may have been a bad choice, a YYF Velocity or YYJ kickside or YYJ lyn fury might have been a better choice.
But, also as you are just starting out in the world of string tricks mabey your throw also needs working on. What type of string are you using I would guess that it is normal thickness slick six string that came with the yoyo, or basic cotton which still would be the right thickness.

When in string tricks like mach 5 and split the atom it is a must that you keep the strings together and aligned.

oh also yeah you did kind of post this in the wrong section I think you should put it in the looking for help section or the tricks section.

Well you’ll definatly have a easier time of it with a better yoyo, that said, it is possible to do it on a fast.

Thanks for the answers, sorry for posting in the wrong forum section.

i am using 100% polyester strings which are slightly thicker than those that were with the yoyo, I just thought maybe there are so “professional” strings that are extra thin or something.

I guess when I have some money I will ask in these forums before I buy a new yoyo

i can give you a idea of the best string i have ever tried
whip yoyo string it is the best string!
it is perfect

sorry but it is num2 I had the fast and all I could do was the brain twister and it wouldn’t bind tight
plus the gap is super small. save up and get a protostar

Why get a Protostar? At least give some reasoning if you’re going to blindly throw out suggestions. And that was just you. I’ve used my friend’s Fast201 and I can do quite a range of tricks on it just fine.

To bobnintendo: there really aren’t any “professional” strings. What you have should be able to work fine. As far as the yoyo tilting all the time…

I think Fast 201’s are good for beginners to intermediate yoyoers. Only problem is they get jammed up easily, which I hate. Just adjust the gap to the setting “unresponsive” or whatever they call it and you should be OK. Sure the Fast 201 can’t take everything, but you can still do some simple string tricks on it. Just practice your throw, and make it straight. And also make sure your string has good tension, and your good to go. :wink:

[b]Note[b]: Fast 201’s can handle Mach 5. Just keep practicing.

@x52: Happy to hear that it’s my fault and not my yo-yo’s (no irony).

Also, about the gap length, because the F.A.S.T. 201’s “unresponsive mode” is those black thingies not facing each other, I usually just make the gap as tight as possible, where they are not facing each other, and then turn it back by one “step” so they still aren’t facing each other. Or is that too tight for string tricks?

The Fast 201 is capable of doing those things pretty easily:

I don’t know if Vashek modded his or not, but it certainly shows what it can do.

There’s no such thing as a bad yo-yo. I could probably do split the atom on a fixed bearing butterfly. And the FAST 201 is a fine yo-yo. I have actually had the chance to play one and I like it a lot. And it doesn’t need to be modded either.

Here’s something that Jonrob told some people at my yo-yo club.

You don’t need to mod yoyos, any yoyo will work. Modding them won’t improve your yoyoing. It’s not worth it to spend an hour modding a yoyo when you could have been practicing in that time.

It’s not word for word, but it’s the basic idea.

I believe it’s a mixture between your execution of the trick and the yo-yo itself.

It’s important that

It’s good to practice having a clean, straight split bottom mount and try executing your trick faster because I find that it keeps my yo-yo from tilting too much.

Furthermore, I’ve never played around with a FAST 201 before, but I’ve had similar troubles with my Duncan Freehand 2. If my strings weren’t too aligned, the string would rub against the friction stickers and cause huge tilting troubles with the yo-yo.

It actually might be a good thing that your FAST 201 tilts. This will give you a good idea how well you are executing your split bottom mounts and aligning your strings for specific tricks.

All in all, I would just suggest to keep practicing! Try just getting clean split bottom mounts and then work on going into the Mach 5 position in a clean, fast manner. Then work on how you rotate the strings around the yo-yo, preferably a bit fast so your yo-yo doesn’t tilt or spin out.