split the atom help

everytime i try i split-bottom mount the yoy rolls up toward my finger and stops sleeping

Well, the yoyo that you use (I’m assuming the Speed Bettle) isn’t made for string tricks. It is made for looping tricks, so it will be hard to learn string tricks on it.

Have Fun Throwing,


You are going to need a yoyo that is more non-responsive than the Speed Beetle. Lyn Fury is a great yoyo, about the same price as a Speed Beetle and is more suited to string tricks.

Good Luck!

Actually, one more thought… The Speed Beetle is an imperial shape which makes it tough to do string tricks, as well. Lyn Fury and many other are butterfly shaped. That shape will make string tricks that are super hard with an imperial and make them way, way easier.

errr i got the velocity remember i guess that means make it less responsive

lols try to slack your non throw hand while landing onto the string by just moving your nonthrow hand downwards when you land. If it’s not slacked enough(just a little will do), the thing will roll downwards because it is landing on a straight string. hope it helps :slight_smile: