Learning Tricks with an Unresponsive Yo? Help Please

Hey everyone it’s my first day on the forum here! I’ve been yo-yoing for a while now but I’ve mainly been doing it using an unresponsive yo. And as I’ve been watching the videos on here (which are great) I’ve noticed that he can tug and get his yo up quick, being that his yoyo is responsive (as he later states). But how am I supposed to do stuff that requires a responsive yo, like the sidewinder? Personally, I don’t like responsive yo-yo’s… And I’m just wondering, should I skip it? Or learn it with my responsive yo-yo just so I know the skill?

eh, its always good to have a variety of skills. but alot of tricks the require a responsive yoyo, specifically sidewinder can be done on an unresponsive yoyo just slightly varied. My opinion is anything you could learn on a responsive yoyo skill-wise can be learned and used completely on an unresponive yoyo.

it doesn’t really matter that much for your own sake but i find it’s nice to know how to do alot of easy tricks so you can teach newbies and get them hooked

I say if you don’t like responsive play then don’t do it but it would be nice to know it.