How often to use lube and change strings

I Yo-Yo now for nearly a month and im at the Advanced section.

Now i wanna know two things:

  1. How often do i have to re-lube my bearing?

  2. Can i lube a transaxle Yo-Yo? And if i can, how?

  3. When should i change strings when i play like 2 hours a day.

Thx for answer


  1. iv not re lubed my yoyo once yet so im not sure,
  2. i don’t know about this sorry
  3. i go through strings really fast! i use maybe 1 day iv been known to go trough 3-4 a day if im playing a lot i think its down to preference really! and depents on what sting you use! i just like new stings! and i use 100% highlights, or Ying yangs (50% polyester, 50% polymide)

hope this helps

2 (AKA as the unanswered). I believe you can lube a transaxle yoyo. Not that it’s necessary though. I don’t think it would have a big impact on sleep times. Go ahead and try if you want to, just don’t try to clean the plastic sleeve in paint thinner.

  1. String changing is just preference. Change it often enought though, snapping can destroy your yoyo. I change mine atleast once a day. I am using slick 6 strings and I really like the feel of fresh string. A slick 6 should last for 2 hours, but it might snap if you play “hard core”. If it’s humid and cold outside, I change strings very often. I feel like the string is getting moist, sticky and uncomfortable.
  1. but what about “how often to relube the Yo-Yo”.
    Does noone know?

  2. Till now i changed my string like every 1-2 weeks and a few days ago a string broke xD.
    So i guess i should change them earlier (I use 50/50 Strings)

Yep, well for 2, I would lube it stock, and then almost never again. Once it is broken it and spins amazingly well you don’t need lube to help it.

I also use 50/50 now with some extra cash I got but I play around 4-5 hours a day ( ;D ;D) and I go through 2 or 3. This is how I test:
Get a stock string and pull it. It will probably feel bouncy and nice.
Get an old worn string and try, there is little to no bounce, it’s just all stiff. I usally cahnge it when it’s about to run out of bounce.

  1. You really only need to lube it after you clean the bearing.

  2. I’m not sure. I don’t think it will hurt though.

  3. Once a week should be good if you are trying to be conservative on your strings.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Lubing should take place at least once a week. Some players don’t lube their yoyos for weeks because it makes them sleep longer because of less lube, but if I where you and if you want to keep that bearing going for a good wile, one time a week sounds good. For string maybe every 3 days or so. Depending on the string id say 3 days for 100%poly, 2½ for 50 50, and 1 day for cotton. lubing a trans axle really isn’t gonna get you anywhere. It didn’t help my raiders spin time at all. well later.

keep it spinning™

  1. When the bearing starts to get loud, put a tiny drop of lube on a needle and apply it to the bearing. If you over lubed it, don’t worry. All you have to do is keep playing with it, and eventually it will return to normal.

  2. I know a guy who uses Yomega Brain lube on his Fireball. I’m not sure what it does though. I wouldn’t recommend lubing a yoyo with a wooden transaxle.

  3. When the string starts to look dirty and frayed. If you can feel that it’s harder to control, and stops holding tension well.

Basically, when you need to. If the string is getting really gross and worn out, give it a change. Loud bearing, or need a small response boost, add lube. No set periods of time really.

KK Thx everyone :slight_smile:

I lube my bearing whenever they seem schreecy
drop lube on the transeaxle
its all about preference,I change strings once a day