How often do you replace your strings?

I just watched the YoYoExpert video on replacing strings …

This got me wondering … how often do YOU have to replace your yo-yo strings?
Also, when do you know you need to replace the string?
What signs make you automatically want to put in a new one?
Is 50/50 better than 100% Polyester in terms of string life?

lol every other day :P. im hard core. LOL

everyday at least i love yoyoing ;D lol

for me… i like polly! you can tell when to change your string. you will know. the string will be all worn out and it would be getting all slippery. well thats what happens to me at least. hope i can help?

About every 20 minutes.

Once every few days.

Once a week?

(Intermediate going to Advance 1)

Depends on the string… The 50/50, or polly, bout daily… Cotton, like 10 minutes… I use Perfect fitstring, and one lasts me about a week…

Same here.

about 3 times a day

every 2 days or so, depnds on the amount of play, harcore play = more string changes.

about every 20 minutes just like icthus

me to

After half an hour of straight yoyoing, yeah, that string is gone. I need more. Will probably pick some up with the New Breed I’ll be ordering.

When the string begins to suck, depends on how much i yoyo, some day’s i’ll yoyo a lot and some days i won’t.

For me, Polyester 1 day, cotton 20 minutes, and 50% cotton 50% Polyester half a day.

Wow that’s a lot of string to go through …
I have a 100% Polyester (I don’t yo-yo that much every day… I’m just starting out) that I might change every week or so. It might be dangerous but … eh … replacing strings is just not appealing to me so much right now.