How often do you change your string?


I change it every two weeks.

(G2 Jake) #2

I used to go through about 3 highlights a day.

Now that I use Ham String I only have to change it once a day.


Isn’t that too frequent? got 200 strings, should I change more often?


I change string when it is ready too. Sometimes it takes up to a week or more even, sometimes a few hours.


i usually go through 5 a day because i play no matter what the circumstance is at the mall, sidewalk, room, bathroom i basically throw all day only when im on the comp is when im not throwing
oh yes and i should mention i try to torture my strings for fun =P

(Jei Cheetah) #6

About 2 a day


So should I change my often? I got 200 strings.


I think that you can just change them when you think you should. You will find you like them better one way or another and at some point not at all.


I go through about 2-5 strings a day. Those are just highlights though. I’ve been on the same Gstring for almost a week.


no need to change them very often since your new. change them when they feel yucky. once you get better then you’ll know when you need to change them. I use one or two a day nowa days.


I play for about 2-4 hours a day.


What’s the difference between Cotton/Slick6/Poly.?


I make my own yoyo strings, and I change my string about once a week. I yoyo 2 hours a day, stretched out between school and at home.


cotton is made with 100% cotton.
slick 6 is a made from a thread that is half poly half cotton. 50/50%.
Poly is 100% polyester string.


No kidding :stuck_out_tongue: I mean what do they do? ???

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Cotton = Responsive play
50/50 = Not so quite responsive
Poly = Unresponsive




well I change my strings when it breaks