how often do they do pro packs?


Hey guys, I remember there was a pack for gentry stien. It was the super G and g funk for $60. To me, thats an amazing price. I know there were others, but how often do they make pro packs? Do they rarely make them?


That was the first time they did those. Who knows if they’ll do it again. They might.

YYF does a mystery box(or boxes) for Black Friday. I’m tempted to get one this year.


Didn’t YYE crash because of that last year?


Didn’t they do that one thing that was similar to Pro Packs when they went on tour in Tampa?


I had zero interest in the Pro Packs, but I do recall YYE having some system issues. I think they’ve migrated to updated and beefed up servers to help prevent this sort of thing from happening again. YYE has certainly gone through a growth spurt since I joined over 2 years ago.


Now let’s see if they can survive Black Friday 2013


If their provider’s internet connection won’t choke itself to death, it should be just fine.


I remember on the official statement that we actually caused other websites to crash.


How much was the mysterybox?


950 points. 10 with a Firesale.


thank you for making me laugh!


I sure hope they will do those pro packs again. But, we may not see it until some stock needs to be moved to make room for new stuff. That was an awesome sale…up to 78% off with some of those packs. I got 3 of the packs offered. Awesome week long sale. :slight_smile:

(WildCat23) #13

They probably hate us… XD

Anyways, I don’t think they’re doing them again. Pretty sure I read it on their


Well…gentry is getting a new signature… Maybe a 3 way pro pack!!! Lol hahah


They won’t put a brand new yoyo on sale for a GREATLY discounted price. Maybe if it doesn’t sell well, but I don’t forsee that.


Three throws for $80? Sounds about right. lol