How my 1A Prelims (1-min) at Worlds should have went

With so many 1A competitors, I understand if people would be against having people post their 1A routine (I personally think that’d be cool but that’s me, maybe others agree).

With that said, I was the only one to switch twice during my prelim routine. It left me feeling like I didn’t showcase what I had put together that yo-yoers might enjoy. In releasing this I hope it pushes me forward to become a better yo-yoer. Anyways if you’re not a fan then thank you for the 1-minute of your time. Thanks for watching.


So many iron whips! Such a fun trick

Basketweaving slack to kamikaze mount happens a lot in this routine, I think if you threw in a variation from that mount rather than just dismounting I think you’ll have a lot more to work with :slight_smile:

Great nonetheless!


Looks good to me! The music was a nice surprise.


Love the tiny whip at :40! Props for getting on stage!

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I’m glad you think so and honoured to hear! Yes there are a lot of whip to 1.5, but they are actually all different entries, where I think each would have its own click. If it is arriving at the same mount in the end, would the judges consider it the same? I would think each one is its own click as they’re differently wrapped on the entry etc. Yes I do need to go deeper into the trick/mount after a whip or slack. I’m using longer strings to try to help me get more complex…

Cheers, thanks a lot. Yeah I figured at least the audience might like the music. I’m trying to get faster too and the music kind of forces you to.

Yeah long string makes it possible lol

Great to get positive feedback from great throwers I’ve seen in a video or two on here.


Hey, I still enjoyed tuning in to see you live on stage, even with the switches! Also, big props on putting in the extra effort to edit together a clean version. I think my favorite trick is the double-loop iron whip. :open_mouth: So small!


Looks good, thanks for uploading! I think fast music will help you be faster, but personally I felt like the routine would benefit from something with a slower beat. Maybe something that could correlate with the landing of the many whips? Just a thought, this is the first year I’ve even really kept up with Nats and Worlds, so I know next to nothing.

@Damb I just put together your face and username right now, some great slacks to mounts (different ones) you have in a few of your videos, nice!

Wow thanks a lot Mark! I appreciate it. I’ve seen your great tricks and the slo-mo Andrew Bergen rejection you uploaded recently to your Youtube channel (Mark Diehr) is nuts :sweat_smile: also it’s actually a triple iron whip, made easier with a long string and a 53 mm diameter yo-yo lol.

I agree, I usually yo-yo and do these tricks at a much slower rate. I’ve had people who don’t yo-yo recommend something similar, they recommended hip-hop but if I were to go that route I’d go Jungle or Trip-Hop or OG Dubstep.