My 1A at Georgia States

This needs lots of work.


Does anyone have any ideas how I can improve?

I still can’t do good 1A, but you get deductions for failed binds and loss of control afaik. I guess if you don’t mess up, you’d get a significantly better placing. So, practice the combos and modify them as you wish but make it look smooth and if you mess up, don’t make it obvious. :slight_smile:

I think everybody knows that one. I was thinking more as far as trick style goes, but I will still use your advice.

I missed a bind twice in a row on the same throw. It was terrible. It started getting hot so my hands got sticky, I hadn’t practiced too much, and on top of that, it was my first time doing 1A on stage so I was under a huge amount of pressure.

Maybe add a few slack tricks? Before i get into my combos I like to set up my mount with a slack trick.

e.g. Over the wrist gunslinger to slacked wrist mount, hidemasa hook (hit with back string) flip off then jump rope which gets me into a trapeze.

I can relate to the sticky hands. Singaoore is so humid, I have to wear gloves to practice outdoors if I plan to do so for longer than 20 minutes.

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