Advice for my 1A

So recently, I have been really trying to work on my 1A, and I want to know what others opinions of my style are.
For example, what are some kind of trick elements I should try to use more, use less, maybe things from my old 1A vids that I should use again, etc.
I know I can’t force myself to do tricks that don’t feel natural just for the sake of someone saying I should, but I would like to know what others think.
And any other advice in my tricks too.

So just for memory, here is one of my old vids from 07: (yes I know, not best camera, not best music, not best editing cmon, I was new to this, haha)

And my most recent 1A video.

Also, I would like to know what improved since back in the old vid, like, things moves and elements and whatnot that got better over the years.

Pretty much, I just want an honest critique of my 1A and how it could improve and/or has improved.


I always like your drops tricks, like quad drop, etc, also your slack combos and also tricks that invovle your body, like arm tricks etc

Well, you’ve gotton smoother and faster, you’ve included some more whippy tricks which i like, and you have mad chopstick skills. Personally I think there is nothing wrong with your style. Differant people will use differnant elemants and there’s not really a set place where you combine all the right elemants. Honestly the only advice I can give you is to maybe do more chostick tricks since you seem to bee so good at them.

It just seems like your 1A as of now, compared to 07, just has more flow. Also, it has more slacks, whips ,etc.

the addition of the whips and slacks and such was nice! i enjoyed that, but one thing i noticed was that they were all grouped together one after another, try and spread them out so that your flowing them into other tricks instead of all at once, i really liked the tricks though, you’ve got skills man ;D

I like your style just try to make it flow

in the first vid what is the fist trick that you do?:open_mouth:

I think it is his own version of turntablism by xela?

here it is:

In my opinion Josh, I really love your style of all your tricks, all of them. Your style with your tricks are really special and are really smooth and flow what you created with your hands. New elements you should do? Hmm…I think you can throw fast like Augie, Mickey, and other yoyoers who throw tricks really fast. Also, maybe more chopsticks, I think its another cool way for you try in my opinion.

Happy Throwing! =]