Trick Dump

I finally got around to recording some of my favorites from the last year or so. This is my first clip vid, I guess.

You have some really nice slack elements and movement in these tricks! I dig it! I like how you incorporate different elements and motion into your tricks. Definitely looking forward to seeing more from you! Great stuff!

That was some top notch staring, seriously though nice tricks, you have a unique style

haha I liked that “What do I do now?” moment, I have those all the time, but very nice transitions, I could really tell you had flow and really moved from trick to trick well, so it was good and the slacks were pretty tight also.

Love the trick @:48, the slack resting across the arm is cool. Like your style a lot overall.

Very nice vid!
LOVE the last combo. Purely awesome!
Keep it up!

That’s my favorite trick right now.

Thanks for all the positive comments, guys. I’m glad you all liked it.