Trick dump summer 2019

Hi all! Here’s my trickdump for the summer of 2019. I put a lot of work and effort into recording this the last few days. I hope that you guys enjoy it! I’m using slim airetic strings and the ART Adlib. If you want to see more make sure you subscribe!


Awesome flow man!


his flow is so cold you would think it was snowing


Real dope and I stand by my comparison to JD. Your cadence is very reminiscent of him to me, as well as the style of tricks. It’s not exact by any means just that there’s a lot of stuff going on where the yo-yo itself isn’t moving too far but a lot is happening around it, which is stuff i enjoy.

Question: at 1:07 and 1:11 ish, you do a couple slack elements that I’ve seen a lot of yoyoers do somesimilar things recently, where there’s a slack element but I don’t see any specific hand or yo-yo movement to trigger the slack moving.
What exactly is going on there? Is it a rejection? How are you getting the slap to whip around there?

I’ve been trying to find specific trick tutorials to learn stuff like that but I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for.


Thank you! The trick at 1:07 is just a tension slack. So basically im pulling the string one way with my finger and then releasing it, resulting in a cool slack movement without a lot of hand movement. Ill link a tutorial i made with a tension slack element so you can kinda understand whats going on. Its from last summer so the quality isnt as good as some of my newer ones, but just search tension slacks/hooks on youtube and there will be a bunch.

The trick going into 1:11 is just this trick that I’ll link below, but im finishing it by just letting the slack drop into the triangle.


Sick, thanks dude!

It’s weird cuz I’m in a position where I’d probably be considered highly proficient like 7 years ago when I stopped, but now I’m probably just slightly above average and not even close to people like you, @andy569 , @EOS44 or a lot of the instagram dudes. And my throwing looks very natural and I’ve got a nice flow I just don’t have a lot of the modern trickset to back it up. I’m working on it though.


Killer as always my dude!


@shatterFX thank you!

@Durfee I don’t think you need a “modern trickset”. A lot of the meta tricks are very unappealing to me. Just pick up some newer tricks that you like from tuts and some from newer players that you like. Most of my newer tricks were inspired by Jason Lee and Caleb Fisher. So i mix in older styles with newer styles.

Edit: This is my favorite Jason Lee video of all time and also like top 3 of all yoyo vids


This is so good. Enjoyed the heck out of it dude.


Thanks! Not much new stuff, but its cool to have everything in one video


Super nice, and I like that you have some repeaters.

Now take a break and fill your aquarium! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you!

And im actually letting it empty because we’re getting new carpet soon and Im going to have to move it downstairs haha.

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