(1a) "one" - hadoq

wasn’t supposed to be my “official 1year vid” as there’s no 5A in it, but, still, it’s been a year.

I’m behind many kids, comparing to their 1A vid, tho, for my defense, I’ve been doing a lot of 5A so I didn’t learn as many 1A tricks as I could.

anyway, feel free to criticize, maybe tell me what it is that I do that could be done better

For someone who doesn’t play 1a as his main style, that rocked! Your triangle formations are awesome, and the editing was cool and the music was awesome. It flowed
With everything. Great vid hadoq! :slight_smile:

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Love it man you always put together some really high quality stuff. :slight_smile:

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wow, thanks. even tho I consider 5A my main style, I’ve been doing lots of 1A lately as in 5A I was under the impression that I hit a plateau and that I needed to work more on basic principles to get more creative. I can’t wait to get back to 5A tbh, but currently, 1A seems to help me “unlock” stuff

thanks for the comments, it’s appreciated.

I am kind of doing the same thing but instead I’m going from 1A to 5A to keep things fresh.

Nice vid man! i really enjoyed it, the camera work was top notch too in my opinion. Made it pretty enjoyable to watch. Also you sweet tricks and nice smooth style. You actually gave me a few GT variation ideas too so… Thanks!!

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