Back through my 5A timeline.

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Its interesting to see where my 5A play has gone over the years.
I was looking back at my very first 5A video from 07…

and it was interesting to see how many of the tricks and elements I did back then led to where I am in my main style of play now.
5A has a special place in my hearts as it was the first style I really excelled at in terms of competition play, and it offered something more to me than 1A ever did.
Looking back, it makes me feel that there is much more for me to discover, and expand on my tricks, and gives me hope that many elements and tricks I have now can greatly be built upon.

Here’s to the future!



Your 5a, it is delicious.


Both videos are pretty awesome. That was an amazing freestyle keep it up.


Dat Gt.


That freestyle was FANTASTIC. I’ve never seen it before, but wow. I can see alot of your influences from other skill toys.Normally I’ll watch a 5A video and I kind of lose track of it because its so fast, but your performance was so chill and interesting. No surprise that you placed so high.