---MER Prelim---

IF I even need a prelim for MER this is what it will be. Let me know what you think, I allways enjoy hearing from other yoyoers, thanks for viewing as well.

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Great prelm and you did it in 1 throw to bad i cant go to MER though :ā€™(

Thanks, I would not want to do two throws for a prelim anyway. I love doing long combos from one throw. My final is only two throws only because I have a bind I want to do that I think is cool, hehe.

nice man ur moves are very original! did u make em up? some of those iv never seen done. well that good at least hhaah! very nice ;D ;D ;D

A lot of them I made up myself or sort of stumbled apon and then a lot of them are like half second elements from other tricks that I tweaked. I could probably name how I got or came up with all of the elements of that combo but it would be a huge amount of text, hehe.

Glad you like the tricks.

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yea man. i love the style. thats kinda how i make my vids too hhaha

SLADE!!! You are still really smooth man. Good luck to you.

Thanks, good to know I am smooth and I will take all the luck I can get.

Did you grease up your yoyo? Because that was smooth!
Butter me up Iā€™m on a roll!
Colonel of corny jokes out! :wink:

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Slade Riggs, throwing it DOWN. Again. Lol