My 1A prelims...

Hey guys,

I went to Cal-State yoyo contest and it was so fun, met a lot of players, and bought my Genesis.
After I competed 1A prelims and so did other players too, I saw the results and I’m in 15th place out of 60 yoyo players in 1A, only 14 players can promote to finals, I was so close!!! And 17th place in 5A (I wasn’t prepared) But its good for my first time to compete at the contest.  :slight_smile:

Here’s a video of me competing at the contest:

Happy Throwing! =]

I saw you there! :smiley: You were really good!

that was a good prelim :slight_smile: you did really well! looking forward to seeing you compete more!

awesome! and was it just me or was that video laging?

Awesome… :wink:

Nice job man. You got to get in next time, show those big leaguers who’s boss haha ;D

No it was kind of jumpy when I watched it too.

pretty slick man! ;D whats the name of that last trick?

Thanks guys!

And Weesaw, I didn’t name all my tricks… :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Throwing! =]

pretty sweet moves there, there is something going on with that video but, its really jumpy and kinda annoying.

Yea i guess i shouldn’t assume that…i just…did anyway ;). i liked it alot tho

I know, its very strange…

Happy Throwing! =]

Oops! The prelims paper didn’t say “Augie Fash” on it, so I’m 16th:stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Throwing! =]

Cool! I was planning to go see it but there was the stupid Japanese school so I couldn’t go.:’(