38th place in prelims at world yoyo contest

first world yoyo contest , tell me what you think guys! thanks for watching!

That was awesome! I think you deserved way better than 38th :wink:

you should’ve made it to the finals. i saw freestyles not nearly that good place higher, you rock dude!

extreemly good, but to me it looks like you did too much advanced stuff and it was not that fun to watch as many others. but you’re extreemly good! try again next ear and you’ll make it to the finals! (love your tie;)

Prelims has to be advanced that’s how you get points.

Oh… I didn’t know… Why didn’t you win? Thats some of the best i’ve seen on verry long time!

It shouldve been 22nd place!

awesome you should have gotten higher. I hope to see your try next year hopefully you will make it to finals. Also what yoyo was that

if that’s 38th then… i don’t know, that was amazing! should’ve made it to finals!

Thabks for the positive feedback guys it means a lot… What do you think went wrong in the routine ?

Honestly, nothing. I thought it was amazing.

Swag Mike. Swag. Hope we can hang at nats

thanks guys, and hahaha you got what thise kids call S**g @Pat