how much would you pay to be the first yeti owner


just curious my friend said a yoyocollector said he would pay 200$ what would you pay


no more than 65.

Seriously though, just wait until you can try it

Don’t be the “special” one who gets to try it first

Wait in line like the rest of us


Not much. Probably only the $45ish that it’ll cost to purchase. Why would you pay $200 to have the first of what will surely be thousands of unnumbered plastics? Maybe if they numbered them, and only made 10 I would pay more, but not under these circumstances.


If I could get one at half price, I’d be willing to get one first. I’m not that interested in getting this release.




I might pay as much as…retail.

(kclejeune) #7

I wouldn’t. The Chase Hadden already owns them.


Won’t be picking up this CLYW for retail…

If I find an amazing deal on the B/S/T then I’ll pick one up.


Have u guys tried them out yet??


If somebody would pay 200 bucks for an unnumbered plastic yoyo, I think he should fill out a Living trust and donate his Brain to Science.

If the Doctors found out how much he paid for a blank yoyo, they wouldn’t even bother to dissect it.

But it could be lacquered over and would make a Great paperweight.

(SR) #11

That would be so freaking pointless haha

(Jamesofyoyo) #12

2 cents …maybe


That’s your 2 cents hahaha

Yeah I’m not funny.


nada i’ll just wait for the release :slight_smile:


Its just a toy, so maybe $25-30?

(kclejeune) #16

Yep. MWR.


$5. It’s ugly, and i’m sure doesn’t play as well as the Rally, so no rush.


I would pay what the price of the yoyo is from the store of my choosing, plus shipping and any tax as applicable.

I don’t need to be “FIRST FIRST FIRST”. I like to secure the items I want so I will be ensured I get it. I also make special requests from the places I buy from frequently, but it’s usually stuff like “Go ahead and hold my order, as I might cram more stuff into that box, so let’s wait a bit to save on postage.” I may wait over a month(my choice) before something I buy ships. Another store I recently did a lot of orders with, and had I known what was going to be released and when, I would have said “just hold it for me, and I’ll let you know when to ship”.

Once items are secured, the rest isn’t that big of a concern to me. I also don’t have to get it early. I’m willing to get it when everyone else does. However, I will make efforts to ensure I am able to get what I would like to get.

I want a Yeti. I will get one. I don’t need to be first though. I hope I can be the first to share it at the meets I attend though, but if I’m not, I don’t care, because I will enjoy it.


No rush , I’m waiting for the next sale , black Friday prob .I’ll get the yeti, the rally , and if I have enough left over may be some string .


I would let you pay me 20$