How much should one use string?


I am a kind of cheap stake with string. I don´t stop using a string until its untill its unusable. But what are signs that the string is going to break?


i change strings when its dirty, frayed, or not holding tension anymore, or the latter. really depends on how hard u play ur strings




I do 10 really high eli hops right after washing my hands. If I get a stringburn, I replace the sring.


Nice idea i like it

(Mi) #6

I replace it when it starts to look like a milipede.


I change either when the string breaks with no warning, I get a funky new colour I want to use or if the string starts to look like a badly maintained dreadlock…

(Kyle V.) #8

I change string pretty much whenever I leave the house. lol After a time when a string randomly broke in the middle of Walmart, I’d rather not take any chances… I also change string whenever I’m about to do some recording, just so there’s as much string visibility as possible.

(DOGS) #9

Yeah, something tells me if the string breaks, you should replace it :wink:


I walked right into that one! :smiley:


i change it when it doesnt hold a loop for suicides anymore or when it doesn’t bind as easily or binds too much. it changes quite often for me for some reason :confused: