How often should I change my string?


I have a grind machine and an ooch smoov, what I want to know is how often to change strings.

Thanks ;D


When you want to.
Or if they start to fray.
but i just change mine when they dont feel so new anymore.

  • When they get dirty and ratty looking.
  • When they start to frey, usually at the slip knot. Check that often.
    Look for constriction where the knot pulls. Time to change it then.
  • When it looses it’s springiness.


Yes. Simply, hen it’s about to break, or it’s all gross and worn out. Just change it then.


this is actually a great question for noobies like me

I changed mine alot, the first time it was a cotton and pretty obvious it needed change, but now I got 100% poly and I’m not really sure

does 1 string for 2 days sound right to you for a week and half old beginner (with a FAST 201 that is, this seems to be eating through strings for breakfast) ?

the more I stick strings in it for tricks, the more it feels like “fading”


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Hmmm, looks like it needed some updating… ::slight_smile:
Posted it here as well: When should I change my string… heh?


i usually change mine when i get nervous about throwing it down. that not being to discriptive i mean the whiteness the fraying and how bumpy the string is. If it smooth, brown, and furry you need to change.