When to change my string?

Well I’m not sure how worn I should let my string get before I change my it.
Here is a photo of my string.Is this ready to change yet?

I would say its safe to change it :wink:

There’s more reason when to change your string:

  • You change your string when your string gets dirty.
  • You change your string when your string popped out(ripped)[list]
    [li]You change your string when your string get knotted
  • You change your string when your string is wetted

Happy Throwing! =]

Unless you untie the knot. ;D

You change if it looks unrolled, untwisted, or its broken off your yoyo.

sometimes the knot can be really tight…

Happy Throwing! =]

And sometimes you can untie it…

Well, it depends. I tend to not change my string until there is a substancial amount of fraying, the string is thinner or really taught and the string does not keep tension well anymore. Also, if the bottom where the string is connected to the yoyo looks really dark or is starting to fray, I would change it because there is a high chance of it breaking. Some people change their string when it looses their “bounce” which helps with controlling the yoyo and some don’t change until it’s too late!

I hope this helps!

By the time your string starts fraying (like in your photo) i think you should definately be changing it!


Yeah, otherwise even new strings fray.

It depends on how much you play with it. If I’m making a video, I can easily go through twenty to thirty. Your string doesn’t really look worn, it’s just thick. It wouldn’t hurt to change it, but you don’t really need to yet.

When it looks like the pic I change it, I’m paranoid about my babies hitting the floor. So I am always riding on the safe side with string. When it comes to the amount of time for each string depends on the yo-yos response, amount of play and string type. String is cheap and your yo-yo is not.

That would be my response too. I hate dinging my yo’s.

WHAT?!?! I have never heard of anyone ever going through that many that quick.