When do I change my String?


Right now I’m throwing a DM2 and this is my second day with it. I am using a poly string. When I was throwing towards the end of my practice tonight my yo yo starting making a loud grinding noise. Is this a indicator of need to change the string or something else? I have only been throwing for about 2 weeks so still learning about to yoyo itself. Any help is great.


First of all, Welcome to the yoyoing community :smiley:
A loud grinding noise implies you need to oil your yoyo.
More specifically, your yoyo bearing.
You’ll find some on this website.
Now to the topic title, change your string every 1-2 weeks. Depending on usage.
Good luck!


I play like an hour a day is that 1 to 2 week accurate.


Sounds good, though I’m not the best on string usage ;D


When it loses its texture and starts getting fuzzy are the best signs of string wear.


Um… If you yoyo an hour a day you should probably change it about every other day. When it completely looses all of its bounce and gets all fuzzy it’s working on breaking.