How much more of a beating can 7075 take than 6061 before it gets dinged?


I just got a Format:C (orange with double sights!) and I dom’t wanna ding it because I love how ungodly smooth it spins but I am curious as to how much it takes to scratch or ding.


A lot, actually. Dropped my Valor on concrete once. Barely a ding. My friend called it a deep scuff.

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Just so you know, dinging it will have no affect on the smoothness. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very little would be more accurate, I think.


Scratch to 6061=nothing to 7075
Ding to 6061=scuff to 7075
Deep ding to 6061=pinpricks to 7075

I’ve never “dinged” a 7075 yoyo, worst case scenario are pinpricks

I was playing with my Messiah(7075) and did a hard breakaway and hit the edge of a table really hard. Tiny flatspot that didn’t break ano

Did a front throw with my Mr. Butcher, smashed right into a door, a few scuffs.

7075 can take a beating. The little things that would give 6061 scratches and pinpricks probably won’t effect 7075


You splash 7075s by playing 3a with em.

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Those actually look really cool


Yeah those are quite damaged but it’s from hitting another spinning thing made of the same material


Reminds me of Patrick Borderding’s “battle scarred” Protons


Hit my Valor on the dirt and it still looks mint. I hit my Strix on the dirt once and it got really scratched up.

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It would be the first time.


I’ve had my 7075 supernova for a very long time and it has some tiny dings, but that’s it. I hit it against concrete all the time and it doesn’t show 80% of the time.


yup yup, thats pretty much sums it up. the durability is so much better. but 6061 has that nice hollow floatyness to it, not that 7075 doesn’t, it just its tougher,heavier brother.