How much is the petr kavka cliff?


Yoyoexpert provides prices for every cliff except the petr kavka one. I was planning on getting a cliff and I want a petr kavka one, but before I’d get it I would like to know how much it is.


I would guess 175$ because it is a “Team Player Edition”


I’m thinking $165.

(2Sick Joey) #4

How much? The answer is simple…Way too much


My Glacier Express cost me 165 at a Triple Crown. I’d say around there considering they both have that second rim and that “catch zone thing” going on.

Only the most technical terminology here!


That’s an opinion. Mine is different. Having tried a proto, I must say it is the single most floaty throw I’ve ever tried. I think when it drops it will become the new Chief.


Thanks Guys!

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Chief…way too much

Opinion :wink:


Opinions are cool.


what do you mean they don’t show a price? It shows $165.


Before they came out, they all had a price next to every colorway except for the petr kavka cliff, and i didn’t know if it was $165 or $175.


how many different names can they give delirium drive?


DD is pink/silver wash with blue splash. Widow Maker is blue/silver wash with pink splash.


i was talking about the Petr Kavka edition.


Which is still different.