How much consideration do you give to making quality posts?

I’ve noticed:

  1. Some of us just make witty posts.
  2. Some are more helpful but don’t share much about themselves.
  3. Some don’t have anything to contribute but contribute regularly.
  4. Some troll, of course.
  5. Some like to play the devil’s advocate regularly.
  6. Some always agree with the op.
  7. Some just post in the bst.
  8. Some of us are a combination of the previous seven.

Do you consider the quality of your posts before hitting the post button or do you just post the first thing that comes to mind? Do you notice that your posts are similar in some way?
When I joined YYE I had this idea that I’d try to make as high of quality posts as possible. I established my own criteria for measuring the quality of those posts and now that I have surpassed 250 posts in one year, I face the realization that I have fallen short of my goal.
I guess I’m just curious as to how much thought members give to their posts.


I speak my mind.
I have a belief that when you put second thought into what you post, you often end up not posting really what you want to say.

Why lie to yourself? if something needs to be said, you should say it, no matter how much it ends up hurting the other person, sometimes you just gotta tell it like it is cause that’s what the others need to hear.

Blunt? Yes, but sometimes we all need a little bluntness in our lives.



Just depends on my mood, sometimes I troll/make witty remarks, sometimes I try to help people and make longer, more detailed posts. I would advise people to always read my posts with caution, as they are often sarcastic.

And sometimes, I just post amusing gifs.

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Sounds to me like you’re saying that thoughtfulness and self-reflection are a bad thing. To be blunt, ;), that’s rather silly. To be even more blunt, there’s a great deal of wisdom in thinking about one’s actions and what one says, and discerning whether or not something “needs to be said” requires forethought.


Yes, I agree. You should put some thought into what you post before you post. (Wow, that sounded redundant :wink: ) If you don’t you might hurt someone feelings.

No offence, J. (See, that? I thought. :wink: )


You all have your opinions, I have mine.

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Candor, tempered with respect is a good combination. Being candid without respect doesn’t foster communication, just a bunch of emotional drama.


I agree for the most part. My feeling is that it is the sum of all personalities that make up the forum, and there are times when all our personalities can come in handy. If I had to define myself, I think I am very analytical about things, always asking a question and trying to answer it at the same time, and making effort to look at things from more than one perspective. I tend to be long winded, which is my style, and while mistakes are occasional, I do make efforts to proofread what I write, and give it a second thought. I also try to be respectful, even if annoyed. That’s just me. I can offer advice, but I am less of a teacher than some others. Most of my posts are geared toward learning for myself and analyzing opinions of others. I am fairly generous too, when I’m sure the effort will be appreciated. I’ve learned not to take posts too seriously, because text sometimes does not come across as intended. Those of you who text a lot might agree. Good thread topic.

Hmmm… Never really thought about it much.

I’d say I tend to wait first for others to reply, and then if I feel there’s an angle / point of view that people are missing or that the OP’s question hasn’t been answered, I’ll chime in.

Sometimes I’ll keep an eye on a thread for days before posting, formulating my thoughts, seeing what others are coming up with, other times (probably more rarely) I’ll post something on the fly.

@ I6ify, You sarcastic? ::slight_smile: I never noticed! lol.

Who? Me? No, you’ve got the wrong guy. ::slight_smile: