How many yoyos do you need?


I’m not trying to start a holy war, but, how many yoyos do you consider the minimum basic kit? My thought is you really only need one, but, it would be nice to have at least four (2 metal and 2 plastic -responsive and nonresponsive.

I’m new to this, please educate me!

You only need the amount required for your style of play (1 for 1A, 4A, 5A and 2 for 2A/3A). Variety is fun but certainly not necessary.

You only need one, until the next one, then the next, next, next and so the cycle begins. Yes you will need them, each and every one. You will see! :wink:

Having referred to my biology books, they do not list yoyos as a basic need. Sheesh… :stuck_out_tongue: So much for science.



“n” is number of yoyos that you already have… ;D


Dang it someone got to it first…

2 for 1A, 3A, and 5A. 2 for 2A. 1-2 for 4A. So 6-7 realistically if you want to go to comps without backups Hank Freeman Style.


Need = 0.

Want = All that interest me, so no set number at all.

I don’t consider a yo-yo a necessity. It’s a toy, and I love it, but it’s not up there with food. I will never consider a yo-yo on the list of one of my needs.

For playing, I love variety, so I prefer having a variety of yoyos to play. I don’t have any idea of a number in my head that I have to stick to. I’m an adult, so I never care if someone thinks I need more, or that I should have less. I do whatever I want with it, and that’s a beautiful thing. :wink:

I do believe that buying yo-yos is a very good way to support the yo-yo community. If we don’t buy them, who will want to make new ones? So, I’d like to see it keep going, and I enjoy supporting my favorite yo-yo companies.

Over 9000 !


Thanks everyone. I didn’t want to give the impression that I put yoyos on the need hierarchy with food, water and shelter. I am interested in hearing how others have built their collections.

I’m also an adult and as long as I am not taking money from other expenses (food, water, shelter, retirement savings, college savings, clothes etc) I’m happy to support the yoyo community.

We’re a bunch of jokers! ;D We knew what you meant but…decided to have some fun with it.

Honestly if you choose carefully, one yoyo would probably be enough, but that answer isn’t any fun at all. :wink:

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You only need one or two depending on which division(s) you play.
And then that one yoyo will call for its friends…
Just be careful…

I say three yoyos that vary in size and/or shape to become good with different ways of play.

i need as many as my hearts content. ;D

I don’t know, ask Mr. Owl

It’s like the meaning of life, this question…
to which my answer will be 42 yoyos.

:wink: Kudos to everyone who got the second reference(most will)

ahahaha hitchhikers guide to the galaxy reference?