How many hours of play to break in Duncan Silicone pads?

I just installed Duncan Silicone pads on both sides of my stock FHZ. I tossed it a couple times and found it moderately responsive. It didn’t seem to snag, but would return on a stiff tug.

How long will this last for? Will it eventually go unresponsive and require a bind?


If you want pure unresponsiveness, clean your bearing. After cleaning your bearing, it should be very unresponsive even with the Duncan Silicone Pads in. My Duncan Silicone Pads took 0 seconds to be unresponsive, because the bearing was dry.

Using two pads will tend to make it responsive. Try it w/one and see how it works.

I do a bearing for FH0 with one pad. It is offset a bit to compensate.
Keeps the strings away during play.
It’s a junk photo but gives you the idea…