How many around the Worlds?


How many Around the Worlds have you done most and with what yoyo? I’ve done 53 on a (Yes, I know) NorthStar…

(G2 Jake) #2

I’m about to give this a go




And the answer?

(Gethin) #5

I haven’t tried this but once listened to a 10 hour cut of daft punk’s “around the world” song, that’s gotta count for something


But probably not something you’d look forward to.

(Gethin) #7

Haha I got a headache from it


… but was it worth it??

(Samuel) #9

One time I listened to red bone by childish gambino for a whole plane flight and another time some jpop

(ChrisFrancz) #10
  1. That’s not a record but it was for me so I was happy.

(ChrisFrancz) #12

Well, everyone else was joking around. Sorry.

(Gethin) #13

My Heart says no, but my brain says…no

(Gethin) #14

That ones a jam!

(Nathan) #15

Few Questions: (In jest)

  1. Can I use a one foot long string?
  2. Do I have to be able to bind afterwards?
  3. If I don’t have to bind, can I just do Around the Worlds without any spin. (If the answer is yes, then my answer is infinity :wink:)

Without any joking tho… I made 101 Around the Worlds with my G2 Banshee (With a bind afterwards of course). It caused a lot of messed up string tension!

  • Shorter string will limit the number you can achieve, since a shorter string will impart less spin to the yoyo.
  • Bind not required, but it must return to your hand.
  • Yoyo must remain spinning and return to hand spinning.


Correct. thanks for clarifying @jhb8426!


Interesting, I would have assumed bind was required!


Well, it can be a responsive


Bump… anyone who wants to actually post a result???


You earned the winner rank in this post as you were the only person to properly try and post. Thanks!