How long?


A question that I thought of today that I wondered if it was a question that others in the yoyo world often pondered on.

The yoyo world is made up of people of all ages, young and old, who all have been yoyoing anywhere from their whole life as early as they could walk, to only a matter of days. Its probably one of the most vast communities in terms of ages and years of experience in the world I feel.

I look at all of the newer players rising up the ranks, and also the veteran players who have been at the top of their game for a while, and the even older players who perhaps aren’t considered top players anymore, but have continued to yoyo well into their adult lives. As I look at these people, I look at myself: a yoyoer in her late 20’s, not the oldest, but not the youngest, but I ask myself: “How long will I be doing this for?”

I remember some of the top players during when I was more active in the community, and I notice that some are still around, and some have seemed to vanish. Obviously, life throws things at you, and people lose interest, get busy with work/school/whatever else. And as much as I think many of us want to think that we will truly forever be yoyoing, I wonder how many of us actually will? Some of us may decide to casually yoyo and stay among the community, others will continue to compete well into later years, it varies.

What do you think? Do you see yourself forever yoyoing? Forever creating? Or will you casually pick up a yoyo now and again in your later years, or perhaps phase out of it completely?

For myself, I feel that yoyoing will always be something that I will do in my free time. Even when I left the community scene for a few years, I still kept my yoyo’s around and took one out every once in a while. Perhaps I might phase out of the scene again wherever life takes me, work, relationships, possibly family in the future who knows?

I am very interested to see what the rest of you think!


I can actually see myself sticking with this forever. However, there might be times where I feel that a break is needed and maybe a slight separation for sometime, but I would never let it go. I’m sure people have felt the same way that I do and still quit over time, but I see myself inspiring others with this and evolving my talents in different ways. I will probably always be creating new ways to incorporate different ways of yoyoing and stay in contact with the community one way or another. Also, there will be new players that inspire me and make this hobby feel brand new. So yeah, I think I am here for the long-run and hopefully my future family can continue my legacy ;D


Hoping to stick with it for awhile this time around. But then again i thought I was in for the long haul six years ago, ended up just getting distracted by real life. Guess we’ll see.

I will say this: I will never not own a yoyo.



This is pretty much me.
When I first got into it I thought I would be a yoyo enthusiast forever. Active in the community, going to contest and events. Then life sort of just took over.
Funny how that happens :slight_smile:


I will likely stop yoyoing actively at some point in time. I don’t see myself selling off my prized yoyos, but by the time I’m in my 60s and 70s I’ll likely have not touched a yoyo in 20 years.


I can’t see myself yoyoing in the future, for one reason: think how insane some of those tricks will be. Well, I hope I yoyo for a while. I can’t see myself stopping. I’ll probably compete a lot. I don’t know. Just think it will be a while before i even think of stopping.


Wait, some day you may have kids. They will love what you are able to do with a yoyo. Of course be prepared to have them pass you by rather quickly.


I think no matter what, I’ll just have them around. My collection may dwindle down to one or two, I may not throw for years. But I’ll pick it up again.


I’m 29 now. I started throwing when I was 14, I think, and have taken many breaks throughout the years. I’ve gone through dating, marriage, two children, divorce, family deaths, career changes and all in that second-half of my life and I still pick up yoyos to this day.


I was pondering this earlier today, now that it’s summer I get on the internet less and back into the real world more. I have so many hobbies and the list keeps growing and every once in a while a hobby just fades away. Jack of all trades master of none, I suppose. :-\


I feel that as long as I keep improving or learning new tricks, I’ll be throwing. I really do see me sticking to this for 10+ years, but some times might not be as active as others. But within those 10 years, I see myself throwing at least once a week EVERY week unless I really can’t


I’m 19 and have been yoing for bout one year and a half. I hope I’ll keep up with this hobby but once I have a real career and a family, you never know. I might stop forever. I hope not though :slight_smile:

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I have never worried about this. It’s pretty simple for me, yoyos destroy boredom, regardless of the amount of time available. I can pick up a yoyo and throw for a minute or throw for longer periods of time. As long as I have any free time and yoyo is visible, I’ll pick it up.

Sometimes I really push myself to progress and others I just totally enjoy the moment. I’ve been doing this for 2 score years plus, so I doubt it will change much in the future.


Really started when I was 12 and I’m 28 now. There have been months and even years where I haven’t picked up a yoyo but I’m sure I’ll always own yoyos and pick one up on occasion.


I thought I’d quit once… but I came back for more…
Now I think I’ll never be able to get rid of it… which isn’t such a bad thing :slight_smile:


I am 27 and have been yoyoing for almost 6 months now. I played back when I was 10 but never learned trapeze and never really did any bearing stuff.

6 months ago I discovered the unresponsive yoyo in an online video while researching finger spin tops.

I traded some stuff for a OD Dingo and from there I was hooked much to my wife’s dismay. LOL.

7 One Drops and 6 months later I am going strong and I don’t think I will ever quite. For me it is about the “State of Yo” rather then trying to compete with others. I yoyo as a way to focus myself and for something to do to keep my hands busy. I also enjoy the physics behind the yoyo and playing with spin and momentum. Science on a string. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the future I hope to be able to complete the trick ladder. :slight_smile:

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I plan on yoyoing forever but I don’t know what will happen life might take over and I might have to stop for awhile but I don’t see myself stopping forever.


Ima be yoyoing still when yoyoing isn’t used with yoyos anymore lol


Good question cat! I have been throw for a few years now and I think yoyoing will always be a part of me. I don’t know if I’ll be collecting or spending as much time as I am now on it but it a fun hobby for me. I like to think that I would leave myself with one throw.