How long to get good at advanced tricks?

Hey, I got my Dark Magic about 3 weeks ago and love it. I now know all the intermediate tricks (not to perfection but pretty good). My question is how long should getting an advanced trick to a presentable level take to learn? I got The Matrix and The Zipper down pretty well in a few days.

it depends the trick and how mch you practice but i say a couple days for a trick

However long it usually takes you to commit something to muscle memory.

Thhere’s no spot on answer. It can be instant or never. I never got down Boingy Boing, yet strangly I made up my own trick called wrist mount boingy.

yep it’s all up to you…you control how fast or or how slow you can get better. Like shisaki said, i too never go boingy boing until i actually put my mind to it…

its diffrent for everyone.

depending on how well you learn or how long you practice everything changes. i can do gyro flop and suicides but i still can’t do boing e boing or rewind. just practce and pretty soon you’ll learn 'em all