how long do u take to master an advance trick

I was wondering how long you take to master an advance trick ???

As long as it takes. Not trying to sound like a smart*** but it is true. Some tricks are harder than others and some people have a harder time with some tricks than others so it can vary alot. Kinda like magic drop, it is an advanced trick on our yoyoexpert. It didn’t take me long to get that every single time, I thought that it was easy but I see new posts popping up everywhere “need magic drop help”…I thought that was very easy.

So just keep practicing and unless you think that it is taking an ungodly long time to finaly nail that trick then ask yoyoexpert (by email) or search (and i do stress that search) for that specific trick in the help/reccomendation section…chances are there are many of the same topic that you are looking for. Then if you can’t find it then start a topic.

Well the easier tricks to wrap your head around take less time, like boomerang. However, some tricks like boing-e-boing take some people years to master!

Everyone is different so there is no “normal”. A lot of it can depend on how you’re learning and who you’re learning from. I have to work off videos so it takes me longer.

It took me a while to really get Trapeze, but I moved on and was nailing double or nothing, then went back to trapeze which is fine now. Now I’m having problems with Drop in the bucket, but that’s fine, as I can see it’s more my throw more than anything else that’s the problem.

I find that interesting. Trapeze was the baseline side style trick for me. Most everything else progressed from that.

jhb; same for me. After hitting myself in the face 3 times in one week (Not kidding) I finally got it. Anyways it usually takes me a week to learn a trick and about two to master it.

I don’t know how long it took me but I skipped around.

If you’re stuck on something then skip it and come back later to prevent frustration.

Oh, and Studio, I skipped Drop in the Bucket until after the Master section haha.

I skip drop n the bucket and rip core too ;D

I guess it just depends on the trick and the person, some people learn quick, others dont… I learned a trick called gunslinger last night and i got it down smooth within about twenty minutes. but then again it was a relatively simple trick.

I think why trapeze was so difficult was too much string in motion AND getting myself lined up properly starting with the throw. With double or nothing, I throw with my right, as it comes around and hits my left index, I pull the string in to the base of the finger as it goes around over my right index finger, nailing it 9 times out of 10 now. Unmount to a trapeze, do a reverse, bind, return.

That showed me how to cut the string moving on trapeze, which involves me pulling my right hand OUT and my left index finger running DOWN the string to straighten it and give the yoyo less area to swing in and I’m landing that almost all the time now.

Maybe it’s time to move off of drop in the bucket… No, I think I’m going to nail it before moving on to the advanced section. I’m finally getting some serious time to throw, but then I got a nasty non-yoyo related cut on my right middle finger. It’s right at the last knuckle, on the side nearest the index finger. Every time I bend it, it opens up. Sucks to throw, got blood on all my strings. All I can say is it didn’t happen from yoyoing, but it’s affecting things. At any rate, I got stuff to do and a little pain won’t stop me.

Just learned spirit bomb. First day I worked on it for a straight 4 hours. Second day for about 1-2 hours off and on. Finally got it down after 2 days :slight_smile: So far I’ve been getting each trick within 2 days. Learned…yes. Mastered…no.

Well, maybe we should clarify some stuff, which reminds me of a Jayyo post that was deleted not too long ago, but still carried merit.

Let’s differentiate between “master” and “can do it”.

Master is well, of course, mastery. I don’t claim mastery of anything, it’s not my nature. Smooth, can pretty much do it whenever and without really much effort.

I think most people are “yes, I can do it, and I can do it consistently” and as such are happy with it, and some consider that mastery. For me, when I can get to that point where i can do it 9 out of 10 times, I move onto the next trick. I’m not talking mastery, I’m talking about possessing the ability to do the trick. Mastery is a LONG ways off for me.

I’m not saying “master the trick before moving on”, I don’t think that’s necessary. Competence and the ability to do the trick is sufficient. You can always go back and refine and improve. Well, that’s what I do anyways. But I’m not far into this, and I’m still progressing very slowly. I’m fine with my lack of progress, because I know it’s tied to my lack of time to practice. On the other hand, I’d like to be progressing faster, but I can’t due to lack of time to practice.

to really master a trick, really, any trick, it takes months, you can land it and be consistent on it after a few weeks, but being able to integrate it in your flow and land it everytime (i.e. “master” it) it takes months and months.

Depends on the trick. After learning a trick I usually spend anywhere from weeks to months to get it down smoothly and perfectly.