Hard Trick and Easy Trick

did anyone feel that when it come to Yo-Yo Tricks are not easier or harder?

My experience of Yo-Yo so far 4 mouths, is that Some so call Basic Trick would takes forever to get like “hop the fence” and some so call more advance trick… like Plastic Wrap or suicide is for some reason much easier to get.

It took me about 20 mins to learn suicide while take me no time to learn Plastic Wrap, but takes me weeks, and I still can’t do a good hop the fence.

I don’t know, just wondering if there anyone who share this experiences.

hop the fence is looping. plastic whip is string. dif styles

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This is true… but still, some simple tricks often seem much harder, like boing-e-boing.

But looping does take a lot more practice to be able to do well.

Took me like 7 mins to learn Gyro Flop.

But , it took FOREVER to learn Loop The Loop.

Same thing CarlG said , different styles :slight_smile:

Yes, they are different styles, but the reasoning behind the OP is an often happening to everyone.

Boing-e-boing, is, indeed is, one of the most hard and most often unavailed but yet not named hard trick. Many others too, but this one is the mastermind.

Yah, lots of yoyoers get Boing-E-Boing under an hour, a day but more people than every have been having trouble with this trick. You know, it just BAM and you get it for the rest of your life.