hi guys 1 month 3 days xDDD

hi guys
so what do you think
i am playing 1 month and 3 days and a little less than month with my
dark magic 2
so in this time i can already do tricks like METRIX,PLASTIC WHIP with no prob
so what do you think guys is this good for the time im playing?btw i am playing A LOT

probably about average. at my one month period i had already finished all the tricks on this site, but i was told that progressing that fast is not average at all. I have a friend who is one month in to it and he can do only very basic tricks. Everyone learns at their own speed, and the only really important thing is that your having fun.

how much time every day youre training?
what yoyo you got there?
btw its a little harder in israel coust theres almost no one playing so
its harder 2 learn new tricks
i now about half of the tricks in this site…

Awesome!! it is definitely much harder in israel to learn to yoyo. Here in Missouri though i have never met any other yoyoers who i have not shown how to yoyo. I probably trained about an hour every day. and i learned everything with protostar.

I don’t progress that fast and I don’t want to. I’d rather have smooth execution of a few tricks than to have sloppy execution of lots of tricks. Plus, over the past year all I’ve been doing is take bits of a trick [elements] and piece them together to make a whole new trick for me.

That being said, I learned how to do Hidemasa Hook before I can Boingy Boing well. I don’t learn tricks by difficulty…but rather if it works well with my style well. :smiley:

boingy boing was the final trick i learned :smiley:

xD i am not trying 2 learn it for now i am doing harder tricks but i just dont like tricks based on
split the atom

Split the Atom and Boingy Boing are two completely different tricks. The only thing they share is the mount. Also, in my opinion, Boingy Boing is much more difficult than the Matrix and what-not.

Define “a lot.” How many hours a day? Just curious.

Nice man, id say thats a good pace. Honestly I feel like once you have gotten the throw down and can pretty much get into basic mounts its not so much about progressing at any standard pace its more about your own drive and how much you play. Everyone is different but if you can do the basic moves learning a trick is just a matter of practice.

woot!!! your excitement and enthusiasm makes me smile. never lose that :slight_smile: