how long does the counter attack sleep

how long does the counter attack sleep because i need a yoyo thats easy to learn on

As long as you make it sleep for. Do NOT buy yoyos because you think they sleep longer than others. I mean, an 888 stock sleeps longer than a mosquito stock, but it all depends on your throw, and what level you’re at. The counter attack is a good intermediate yoyo, and will play well.

how long have you been able to make it sleep amd is the grind machine better and does the counterattack grind

Seriously. Don’t buy a yo-yo based on sleep times. It’s completely unnecessary.

Yes, the CA grinds.

Long enough.

That’s what I wanted to say. lol

to answer your question(because your probably geting mad at hearing “dont buy a yoyo because of sleep time”)i’ve gotten it to sleep for a little over four minuts.

I agree of answering the question instead of saying “don’t buy yoyos based on sleep times” but it’s the truth.
The Counter Attack will play great and will spin long enough for any trick. With precision metal rings you’ll know it’ll have enough rim weighting.
Based off of the Plastic Grind Machine, the Counter Attack better Grind or else…

I once slept my Die-Nasty longer than my Dark Magic… I say Die-Nasty, its an AMAZING yoyo for an AMAZING price

i dont mean that im going to buy one because i have one (sorry i got my original post mixed up)im just wondering if im throwing down good so when you reply please add your best time to the post

Let’s try this a different way…

Your sleep time with any decent modern throw (Counter Attack, Dark Magic, 888, whatever) is based on your level of skill at throwing a sleeper. The better and stronger your technique, the longer the sleep you can expect. In other words: if you suck at it, a $100+ yo-yo isn’t going to help your cause that much. Conversely, a $30 Counter Attack isn’t going to hurt your cause much, either.

That being said, most of us just don’t care about sleep times. Now, there are some folks out there who get a kick out of pushing a yo-yo to it’s sleep limits, and take great pride in seeing just how much sleep time a yo-yo can give at it’s maximum level of performance. The numbers they come up with are often astronomical. We’re talking about minutes, not seconds, of sleep time here. And that’s cool…

Most of us are happy with the fact that our throws can sleep for as long as it takes us to perform our tricks. Almost all modern throws are capable of doing this. This is why some folks will tell you never to purchase a yo-yo using it’s perceived sleep time as a factor.

but could you just put your best time please ;D

four minutes


If you are asking this question, you need to work on your throw. Who says so? Logic does. Observe:

Since your yoyo only needs to sleep for the amount of time required to finish a trick (about ten seconds at the Intermediate stage).

Therefore, if you are not finishing your tricks, then you need a longer spin time. Since any yoyo can spin for those ten seconds, the problem is obviously you. So stop making threads about which yoyo to buy, and learn to throw the thing first.

im just curious could you please put your best sleep time

Many people ignore sleep times and probably won’t respond. The last time I checked, bout a month after I started, it was at 2:30 minutes with a velocity. now it’s probably like 3 minutes with a velocity