how long did it take to find the '' perfect '' yoyo


So i have been throwing for around 8 months and i have finally found something that really suits me. The Chaser. How long did you take to find a yoyo that suits your style ?


My style is forged by who I am, and this evolves continually. So I never found the “perfect throw”. There are some that I like throwing more than others at a given moment in time. But as I change, my preferences change and my style evolves.

And it also works the other way, when I get a new throw, it does influence my style and to a much lesser extent, who I am as a person. So it may or may not become my favorite for a given period of time (like for now, the equilateral)

So I’d say, for me, I never expect to find the “perfect” throw, but I’ll spend a lifetime looking for it.


Still haven’t found mine.


Still looking, still buying, still playing and still having a great time.

I think even if I find the perfect yoyo, I don’t think that would change much.

I will say that V-type shapes are what I really like best. The new RecRev Freq. Wave, Phenom, Aura, Firmy, Anglam, Equalateral, Magic T5, even stuff like the MVP, Stalker, Monkey Fist and similar.

Maybe the perfect yoyo for me doesn’t exist. That’s OK. It won’t stop me from enjoying this.


2 months after i started - barebones, by dif-e-yo…




My tastes have always changed. Now it’s almost daily. I still have not found that perfect yoyo, although there was a time I felt the 54 was. Now, that’s just one thing of mine I switch to daily.

(G2 Jake) #7

Never found it, and I’ve tried to make it. Came close but still wasn’t 100% perfect


9 hard years of Throwing. Catalyst!! but will probably change in time.


Cascade, in only 9 months.


I have been yo-yoing for about 7 months and I think the Catalyst is like my dream yoyo. The only problem is, mine is vibey. So if you have one, B Grade or A (as long as it’s smooth) PM me. I’ll make you a good trade offer. PLEASE


Started on June 1st, 2011. Bought a Chief November 2011. So, 5-6 months. That’s the best yoyo for me. If I were to walk into a competition (which I’d never do), I’d bring Chiefs with me.

Though obviously, I keep different things in the rotation. Depends on my mood.


Haven’t found it yet, probably never will. But I have a few that I really like.

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jhb728389391722 being precise as always




I have found some throws that I really love but the “perfect” yoyo may never be found for me.


I had to make mine…


My yeah3 with a defeyo ceramic is pretty great. But, not to sure if its ‘perfect’ or not. One of those things you’ll probably never find lol


About 1.5 years. The Avalanche.


11 months. The chief.


10 months. The Avalanche.

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The perfect yoyo is a myth, it’s existance has been debated throughout the ages, well at least since the invention of string. Some people claim to actually have seen it but…there just isn’t any proof. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Nessie, and the perfect yoyo, live only in la la land… ;D However, I will continue to research sightings of said yoyo and continue searching, in hopes that it actually does exist. I hope I know it when I see it. :wink: