how long are your IRGs?


My longest IRG (an irg is when your thumb goes in the lip right?) is 5 Mississippi’s. Is that good? My normal ones are 3-4 mississippies. How about you?


Sounds about right.


Probably never more than 4-5 seconds.


Can’t get much better unless you have some way of reducing the friction.

IRGs are awesome.


There so fun

I find it hard to just pop up the yoyo and place my thumb in the lip. Like I said in another thread, I land a trapeze and quickly put my thumb in the lip… It sucks


15-20 seconds.

(SR) #7

Like ten to twenty minutes or so, you know, the usual.


Maybe you’re not using an IRG-friendly yoyo? If you are then it just takes practice, like anything else.


You really need to practice SR…

im using a yoyofactory supernova, it has an inner and outer lip. If I can get my thumb in the inner lip, I can get loner grinds, the outer one gets me 3 seconds.


At least 3 seconds on a yoyo that absolutely sucks at grinds and up to 15 seconds on my monkey buffed Chief.


Around 30 feet. But I have no idea what Industrial Reality Groups have to do with yoyoing


(kclejeune) #12

10-15 usually. Grinds are a strength for me.


How are you guys getting 15 seconds? My longest one was 5!


~5 for me


Uggghhh, accidental thank you… Whatever ::slight_smile:


I would say 4 or 5 seconds. Dont do them to often because I have huge hands and they dont fit very nicely


15 seconds? Every time a grind thread comes along, I have swap out my “happy easygoing hat” for my “grumpy skeptic” hat.

Anyone claiming a 10-15 second IRG had better cough up a video or I’m calling bull-puckey. It’s not just the friction, it’s the entire physics behind an IRG. It’s going to tilt out with that long of a grind! Gyroscopic effect will only keep it vertical for “so” long! What’s happening as it precesses? Are you transferring successfully for that long, or are you chasing it around in circles?

I suddenly can’t help but wondering if I’ve had a rare moment of not recognizing a joke. :wink:

As for popping up, some yoyos make it dead easy (Kyo DNS has an IRG a 4-year-old could pop up into!) and some are trickier (especially if they don’t have a lip for it).


I’ve gotten a 15 second thumb grind on my Alpha Crash.


Why, you… ! ;D


I highly doubt it. I need video evidence or I’m just going to call BS! 15 seconds is a long time balancing the outter rim of a spinning object on your fingernail…