I know what an IRG is but i dont see why everyone is so up tight about it. I’ve see reviews go where the yoyo seems perfect but then they rate it poorer just because of the lack of IRG, or people not buying yoyos do to the lack of IRG. I dont understand i feel like the use of an IRG is very limited. I’ve hardly ever seen pros do tricks with one. Its not really that fun to incorporate in more complex tricks and shouldn’t really be a as big of a deal as everyone makes it seem IMO.

While I, like you, believe the use of an IRG is limited, I don’t see to many reviewers rating a throw portly beacause of a lack of one. Most of the time they give a slight mention about it, and say they would have liked one.

I personally love to throw in the occasional thumb grind and transfer grinds and what-not, but those can be performed if the yo-yo has a slight tilt. I see your point, but I love the convenience of a nice IRG myself (I prefer IGR :P)

I’m not uptight about it.


Depending on the yoyo, they can cost a LOT of money. Those of us spending that kind of money have a certain amount of expectations. One of them has to do with the ability to do grinds. People want a surface that is compatible with doing grinds. A lot of us want to do IRG grinds. A grind-friendly surface does feel better in the hand and doesn’t slip as much.

In my case, I can’t do EITHER yet. At the same time, I want the ability to do such things for when I’ve learned how to do them.

I guess the same argument can be used for stacks too. Some people say “they get old after 30 minutes”. In this case though, the yoyo is designed with stacks in mind.

I like having options. I have several yoyos with stacks. All I can do is pull start with them for the most part, and maybe catch them. I really don’t know what else to do yet, but that’s OK. I like knowing if I want to mess with stacks, I can.

This is different for me with IRG and grinding in general. Again, I can’t do either yet. I do like the idea that I CAN do these things.

Granted, I can’t have it all. That’s fine. Stacks, at least the Z-type stacks that I like and IRC are kinda mutually exclusive as there’s no space for both on a yoyo unless one wants to remove the stacks.

When you spend big money, you want lots of features. People don’t spend Porsche type money to get a VW Beetle engine under the hood, a crappy stereo, generic seats, plain rims and a generic paint job.

I’m totally with you in noticing that it seems to be brought up in reviews an awful lot. Part of the reason for this, imo, is that most of the “professional” reviews you read come from one of only two or three sites with only a few writers. They all follow the same format so the IRG mention is part of the boilerplate.

Personally, it doesn’t even factor in to my decision about a yoyo. A grindable surface in general is not a total dealbreaker, though I do prefer a slick finish if possible. But IRG for thumb grinds? Eh. I certainly wouldn’t want a company to compromise a yoyo design just to get one on there.

A good example of a sorta bad example is the Phenom.

At the $140 range, there’s no IRG and the surface doesn’t grind worth a crap. One of my favorites. Why? Massive catch area and spins like forever.

Another favorite, the Square Wheels Royale. This has an amazing grindable surface, IRG, super stable and smooth and even can do matador play with the spikes.

Plus, that little rim lip to do the IRG with helps put more weight on the rim without having to add weight where you don’t want it.

Stop being so pedantic… His post was helpful and that’s what matters. Just because he’s a forum expert it doesn’t mean that every single post he makes is going to spring a fountain of knowledge. Thanks for your contribution to the thread, but leave your needless complaints elsewhere. -_-

Don’t be so pedantic. The original poster wrote IRG and everyone just continued with it since it was of no importance, certainly not enough that we’d need to make a thing of calling someone out on it.

This is weird … It seems like there is a post missing or something lol

May of gotten deleted and not left up as a notice by the mods? Who knows.

I wasnt even tihinking of the igr irg thing, the last thing i saw it on it was irg so i stuck with it … whatever doesnt matter.

But i was on the cascade thread and someone said “the only problem i have is that theres no igr” and i thought to myself really? Can that really be described as a problem that you have with the yoyo? Thats more of the loss of a novelty not a problem you should have for the overall yoyo… idk it just bugs me and makes no sence.

I used to only buy yoyos if they had an “igr” (does it reall matter what its called) because if I was going to spend my money, and if I felt the urge to do a thumb grind, it should be there. Then I realized how many yoyos I carry and the fact I very rarely do a thumb grind (like almost never). Now its not so important anymore. I mostly look to see if I can do arm grinds and what type of finish does it have. if I feel the need, I just grab a different yoyo. Plus most I can just throw a tilted grind to do the job.

i like, gir ::slight_smile:

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Are we talking about irg vs. igr?
Not to be pedantic.
I originally used irg by mistake, and then continued to say it forever because it was funny for me to see some people get red boiling angryface about something so silly. Now seems to be common for reviewers to use that term. So now it’s less funny because everyone is using it now but not to be pedantic.

Not to be pedantic but I didn’t see the op, but I can say I always cover grinding because there are some people it’s important to.

Not to be pedantic but I also cover rim weight (not to be pedantic but that doesn’t necessarily mean an irg) because, not to be pedantic, but it is one important factor in the combination of (non-pedantic) design elements that make up momentum. Not trying to be pedantic here or pedantic here.
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God that made me laugh. That was good!

to some the IRG is an unnecessary part of a yoyo but to others (like me) an IRG is a good thing to have on a yoyo since i do a lot of grinds with my style of 1A. The IRG also adds that little bit of extra rim weight which is great for stability on a throw. it’s a matter of preference on the players and that’s really all there is to it.

Half my job is done then.
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Not sure what this post is trying to accomplish, but the post that was being responded to with the word pedantic was very condescending and inflammatory, and was almost immediately removed. We both wrote that in defense of the inflamed so if you’re poking fun then it’s misdirected.

Just I am making sure nobody of this one thinks pedantic things about the things.
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