How deep does it have to be to be considered an IGR? Does the Supernova’s outer ring count?

What is this IGR you speak of?

Inner grind ring, where you put your thumb when you do thumb grinds.

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I would say the supernova counts.

I know… Normally I spell it and see it spelt IRG, Inner ring grind. I’ve been around yoyoing enough to know what a freaking IRG is lol.

Anyways, I can grind fine on the Supernovas outer ring and on pretty much any yoyos outer ring. Ive done a inner ring grind before on a New Breed with caps on, but ive been throwing for about 2.5 years so its not like im saying it doesnt take practice.

IRG Is the trick, IGR is what you do it on.



I actually call the trick and what you do it on the same thing. You dont have to, but I do.

And honestly, when im not calling it a Inner Ring Grind im just calling it an Inner Ring.