Project 2

(Marc) #1

Pics I found on the onedrop site :smiley:

Project 2 Proto

(JonasK) #2

As mentioned, it is a lot similar to the original project. It does have the projection profile, hex nut assembly and flat rims.

Addment: I can’t explain it, but it looks heavier.

(Chris Allen) #3

This one has an IRG, and the grooves are a bit more pronounced


it kinda reminds me of a markmont + IRG and weird little rim change thing


I want to thank the people who helped me understand the word, “pwn”. Now could someone tell me what IRG means, please.


(JonasK) #6

IRG=Inner Ring Grind

What we call thumb grinding is in fact an IRG. The original thumb grind was just grinding the yoyo on top of your thumb. Now IRGs are called thumb grinds.

Addment: Correct me if I am wrong.


You’re right :wink:

(JonasK) #8



Looks very heavy and bulky-- Just the way I like em :wink:


WRONG inner RIM grind :stuck_out_tongue:


No, IT is an Inner RING gring or Inner rim grind


wtf ive always know it as rim because its grinding on the rims, no one calls them rings


Apparently, everyone here and there did :wink: