how is this supposed to be "mint in box" ??!

Recently traded for this yyf superstar and it was labeled as mint in box

There is at least 9 tiny flatspots some of them breaking the anodize .

How can you label this as mint.

I’m not picky about little scratches and such. So I will just keep it l.

But cmon if its not mint then just say so

Did he put a mint in the package?


I tough the protostar I sent was damaged… I almost died :slight_smile:

I wish

At least the mint would calm me down


Hope you left an honest review.

Bout to

Who was it? You’re not really preventing anything if you don’t warn people from trading with the person. A blind person could tell that’s not mint just from feeling the damage.

I’m curious what the packaging looked like when you got it. Did the box show any signs that it had been opened previously (worn/stock string missing)?

Either way, with 9 flat spots, it’s been played (and not mint), so you should PM the person you had the deal with. You should decide it you want to:

1.) Undo the deal entirely and trade back;
2.) If you want some compensation to even out the deal; or
3.) Take the loss and give a negative feedback.

I agree with Yoyospirit, once this discussion occurs outside of a PM, people will want you to identify the other trader.

It was a trade with benM36

He has 37 positive feedback the 4 not positive were only complaints about late shipping.
(He shipped quick also, so that wasn’t a problem)

The packaging was fine. Not torn or any signs of “foul play” I guess.

The yoyos weren’t necessarily wrapped that great but it wasn’t like they were thrown in box.

The 2 other yoyos I received are fine with no damage. So I doubt they could have hit against the superstar in the box because there would be signs of damage on the other throws

If he has no priors, I can think of one thing that could possibly have happened. :-\

For example, I have some MIB YYF yo-yos sitting around that I got from other sources. Mine happened to come from stores. If I sold them, I would not inspect them first, because of the source.

But, if he got that Superstar from an individual who traded the yo-yo to him as MIB, and the box looked mint when he got it (as it looked new to you), he may not have ever opened the box to inspect the yo-yo. Most people wouldn’t open a new yo-yo to inspect it, so maybe he made a presumption about the newness. People who trade a lot might get a traded yo-yo, and not open it because if they open it, they might damage the packaging. If he got it in a trade, just intending to trade it again, he may not have seen the need to inspect it. I think he should have inspected it, because it’s a trade.

So, you should PM him, and see what his reasoning is about how it could have happened, and see if he will correct it in a timely fashion, in some way that is agreeable to you.

This yo yo has obviously been played, so with damage aside
It should have never been listed as mint in box
It should have been listed as Mint WITH Box
Which is really pointless for me to mention becaus it is neither MIB nor MWB :wink:
Defaintly deserving of neg feedback IMO

I never saw a box. And it didn’t ship in one so he had the yoyo out of its box and it came with a used string on it.

Red flag… He obviously used the superstar

I read his post and immediately thought to write that and then notice the very first comment. Awesome!

Ah, I thought you were stating that the YYF yo-yo box was fine. I misunderstood that.