How is the Viszilla?

Anyone tried one of these yet?

I’m digging mine a lot. It looks stellar, it’s massively rim weighted, and it just feels nice to play. Just make sure to heed the warning about changing string often for the first few hours to avoid string breakage - or use the denim pouch it comes with to rub down the blast around the response to speed up the break in.

Ive had mine for a week and i am VERY impressed. I have not owned an Anti-Yo in the past and I like it a lot. Like Jrod said be very cautious with string. I never snapped one but came real close. I took a leather belt to the catch zone and that has helped a lot. The play is very very much like a lighter weight Sov (at least to me) I am running mine with AL Domes which brings it in the 65-66 gram range right where I like. As for everything else. Its dead smooth. I put in a 10 Ball as I do with all my yoyos. Its not going to play like a chief or a CODE2 as it was not designed to but it plays like a kick but old school design with new schoole tech and I love it!!!

Really smooth, feels great. String tends to break or nearly break alot where it rubs at the outer groove of the response area. It should break in though. Also tends to rotate off center. Otherwise it’s a great throw.

I echo everything said here. Smooth, stable, and damn fine-looking.

A great yoyo.