Anyone tried a Topyo origin?


Looking at the specs, it looks like something I’d like shape and weight wise.

Anyone here tried one?

I’d love to know your opinions.

(Jim Honaker) #2

Yes, my son bought one and I think its fantastic. Similar diameter to Markmont but narrower. Feels very nice on the string. It has a higher wall with less of a string bump. So I suppose it is a little less forgiving. I’m not fantastic and it doesn’t bother me. The finish is nice and smooth as well. So for an organic with balanced weighting and a great finish and graphic, at 30 bucks, you can’t beat it.


It’s my first full size metal organic. I have a first base, MYY Rock and MYY Avocado which are both undersized. It’s an absolute joy to throw. It will keep you honest as far as plane management, as most organics will, but nevertheless I prefer it to almost any of my other throws for some reason. I guess I like that it requires more focus than the typical super stable performance throws - you have to throw mindfully. It is more satisfying to me when I hit my complicated tricks on it. This is true of most organics in general I suppose but it’s my favorite organic That I have owned so far. It’s inexpensive as heck too. Hope that helps with your decision!


Thanks for the replies. It looks like a great throw for the price and I’m a big fan of organics and even high walled yoyos. Looks great for an every day carry. I haven’t tried Topyo yet, this might be the first one I do though.

On a side note, what is the Avocado like? I’ve been trying to find one online but so far I e been unsuccessful.


Look on Amazon. It’s real nice fun and smooth. My only complaints are that the bearing is REALLY tight. And rejections are weird. It rejects fine but the string segment that comes out isn’t uniform. It’s wavy if that makes sense.

(Tyler) #6

TopYo is pretty great for the price range. I have a Colossus IV and intend on getting an Origin myself.