how is the counter attack?


it looks cool and is $5 less than the protostar. is it worth the $30 or should i just save more money to get a caribou lodge?


It really depends what you like. It has a different shape than the Protostar, so it’s going to play differently.

I can’t say I don’t recommend you save up for a CLYW yoyo. They make amazing stuff. It may take a while, so you have a few issues:
1: Will something be available NEW when you’re ready to purchase, AND will you be able to beat the mad rush when it release?
2: Is BST an option you’re willing to explore?


i only use bst for mint yoyos on my want list (in my signature) and any beaters of good yoyos. it only says clyw beaters but i need to change that. i will take almost any beater of a full size metal as long as the beating doesnt affect play. like i would take an ilyy beater if i got a good offer


I don’t really like the counter attack that much. It’s not just heavy, but it really feels heavy. My son has one and likes it, but I think it’s because of the look more than the play. Actually, now that I think about it, I can’t actually remember the last time I’ve seen him play with it.


protostar is worth the extra 5… but caribou lodge could be worth while too… for the most part, the protostar and clyws dont have the higher wall shape like the CA does, which means more of their weight will be taken from the middle, and moved to the rim, providing more momentum (longer spins and more stability)… and with less weight in the middle, they will feel lighter and faster on the string