how good do you think the magic n12 yoyo is?

Rate it from 0 to 10, 0 being: you’d be better off buying a broken Duncan butterfly… And 10 would be : this yoyo plays as good as my $60+ yoyos!, dont worry, im not expecting a 10…(or 0… Lol) so rate it and why do you give it this rating? And if you know, how much does it weigh? Thanks!

It’s good enough to take a chance on. The bearing needs a good cleaning and the pads might need replacing though. Mine is fine. I guess that puts this somewhere around an 8.5 or so.

68 grams.

I’d give it an 8.

Definitely good enough for the $20 that it is. Any Magic Yoyo provides great bang for the buck.

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8 I’m really glad that I bought mine now I have idea about myy.

Well, considering the fact that you said 10 means it plays like a $60+ yo-yo, I would have to rate it at a 12 because it plays more like a $100 yo-yo. :slight_smile: